New House & Palm Tree Cake

What have I been up to? Moving! We're finally in the new house, but still working on the unpacking. Here are some quick pictures of the house & part of our view of the Hillsborough River. Just the other day I watched a manatee & a younger manatee swim by! It's so beautiful & relaxing here.

And as a welcome to the new house, I baked DH a cake. For the first time, I covered the cake with fondant! I learned that leveling the cake is very important & the new granite counter tops are fantastic for rolling out fondant. The cake is two layers of yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. Yummy.


CaneWife said...

Gorgeous! And way to go on the cake! I may be hiring you, yet!

Scarlett's Mama said...

The view is gorgeous!! I am so happy for you.

ashley-cita said...

Que bella! :-)

Nice waterfront property.

Luis and Shannon said...

The house looks great, Dane! I love the view!
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