Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas, though we certainly missed DH's family. This was really the first Christmas for DH & I that felt like Christmas. Last year we were living apart due to work & didn't decorate & the years prior to being married we spent with our families. This year was the real deal - Christmas tree, lights, decorations & orange cinnamon rolls while we opened our stockings. I'm not ready to take any of the decorations down yet!

The pups checking out the "fire."

Christmas dinner was held at our new house; on the menu - sausage stuffed mushrooms, gorgonzola cheese stuffed black olives, deviled eggs (Jodi), prime rib with horseradish cream, roasted brussel sprouts with pecans, roasted green beans with mushrooms, medley of roasted potatoes, oyster casserole (Mom), corn pudding (Mom) & homemade dinner rolls (Grandma). For dessert, I had out some Christmas cookies & by special request, Mom's chocolate pecan pie. Everything was delicious & we had a wonderful time.

Christmas 2008

After tossing around plans, DH's mother was able to come to Tampa to spend the weekend after Chrsitmas with us! It meant a lot to DH to have her here & we had a blast! She got to decompress a little bit & unwind while we fished off the dock, drank some wine & ate lots of brie. Excellent de-stressing!

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