Chocolate Bailey's Cake

Dan's aunt & uncle stayed with us overnight & I managed to throw this cake together just in time. It was a simple yellow cake with chocolate ganache frosting. But I thought it needed a little something - so it got a couple shots of Bailey's. The end result was a three layer yellow cake with chocolate Bailey's whipped ganache frosting covered with poured chocolate Bailey's ganache with a generous sprinkling of chocolate jimmies & white nonpareils. Best served with a glass of ice cold milk.

Chocolate Bailey's Ganache Recipe:
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup heavy whipping cream
2 tbsps Bailey's

Chop chocolate chips in food processor. Heat cream on stove & add in chocolate. Stir constantly until chocolate is melted through. Pour into mixing bowl & put in fridge for 15 minutes (or freezer if you are pressed for time). After cool, add Bailey's & whisk on medium speed until fluffy. If using the ganache to pour, only whisk to mix the Bailey's in.


ashley-cita said...

Ooooh! That sounds like the perfect thing to make while the Husband is OOT this week. ;-)

You are genius with the cakes, missy!

Astrid said...

This is perfect to add to my chocolate guinness cake! Thank you! I had the idea to add bailey's to a dark chocolate ganache, but I wanted to make sure it would work. That's how I found your blog!
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