Go Gators!

College football is back & the University of Florida is off to a great start! I've chosen to express my devotion to the Gators by baking cupcakes for the first watch parties of the season. Here they are:

Devil's Food Cake with Andes candy pieces mixed in
Chocolate Buttercream Frosting with Green Glitter
Handmade Green Candy Gators

Mini Orange & Blue Cupcakes
Orange & Blue Cake
Sugar Crusted Bottom


Anonymous said...

Your blog is great. I would like to be entered in the cookbook giveaway. I will be making cupcakes for my daughter's 2 year birthday in November.
mb id:brz352

CB said...

I absolutely love your gator cupcakes! The colors and the toppers are fabu! Question: Why do you make a sugar bottom? I've never seen that before. It sounds very tasty!
Clara @ iheartcuppycakes!

Dana said...

Clara - Why make a sugar bottom? Why not? ;)
The sugar bottom is just a fun & crunchy addition. It gives a little sweet to the bottom if you've already licked the frosting off.

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